Random Palace

As a CAD graphic behind glass it would be an original picture old and new would be one. an eye-catcher in any case, maybe even more. Java2D and the random generator were best partners. You can see it in the 'decor' of the walls, and the windows, which are almost like statues, gates and ballustras, shadows, color gradients and multiple capitals of colums etc

This also is a form of art. For each seems to me good to randomize works in parts in a controlled way. It is true that randomness produces mostly nonsense. But there are also phantastic constructs, which no one ever would have thought of. For building constructs I started with the attempt to make it more professional. But that quickly proved to be too much for me alone. But I am still convinced of the ideas and were happy, if others would continue.


The image does not have a size. Because it is just the output of the program. You can buy it as an art print with or without a frame. But I would also send it as a file for free.

Random Palace
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