Speech of Baron von Schmöck

Minister von Schmöck likes poetry, adds scraps of it, often by George, to his speech. Filled by frustration at this day he said on TV: "The dull crowd for me is garbage, But its not worth shooing them! For what would be stab the jellyfish, cut the herb. But also on these worms, that stain me with their praise, with joy and laughter I poop on them."

Then, outrage in excess. And that just before elections! So he took his hat and left. He regretted afterwards, As water takes its way allone, so at times the flow of words. But this speeking got a fame, there were millions of clicks. your click too, beloved reader, would be for Schmöck a pleasure. He also is prepared for scolding.


I could not find the picture. So I do not know its exact size. But it is about 25 cm wide. With pleasure I used it as a portrait of myself, in mails f.e. and in Instagram. Beauty, so I thought, will promote fame and sales. But it would amaze me, if someone wants to buy it. Then I would certainly find it again

Speech of Baron von Schmöck
Speech of Baron von Schmöck No. 249