Central Square

On the central square there would be a curved wall of quarry blocks partly overgrown with stepped gates and rooms behind, shaded and almost hidden in a grove. So the impression were: nothing but a massiv curved red-sandstone-wall coming partly out of green. That was one of the ideas. That idea has not been realized. But the initiative achieved, that the square must remain free, what was also one of our propositions, instead of being built-up, as hideous, as the city's and the architects' decided plan. Fantastic 96% of the votes were ours in the election. This should happen much more often. Because if you let that rabble rule, of which the building committees are usually composed, there is no place too exposed to adorn it with their filth. They remain silent a long time only to announce that its too late to make changes now.

That's why I had again and again publicly demanded that in the juries the architects should be replaced by a random selection of passers-by, as this would be the lesser evil. For the enemy of truth is surely also lack of competence, but even more so are the interests of individuals and of groups and associations. There was great fury at the Association of Architects about this published discussion. But even today I'm convinced that the idea was right. This page shall also commemorate to Michael von Poser, the founder of this initiative, a spirit of rare brilliance and died far too young.


Here I aimed to tell a true story rather long ago, a story of a struggle with a happy ending. To sell the old picture on a heavy plywood board, that was not my point. If someone nevertheless would like it to acquire, I surely would be glad. About the price we may talk.

Central Square
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