The Date

Certainly it would be nice if she came like a wind, sent by destiny. But so he waits for her. Only from a photo known. She entered in that dress which as a sign to recognize she mailed. She raised her eyes and said she had, but she's not sure, already seen him anywhere.

He too says some used sayings, and sticks the rose on her. The look decides now quickly whether to continue or not. That an algorithm did connect them, that somewhat overshadows feeling. if only it were true chance or like the tea dance long ago!


Since Giaccometti's time slimming has often been practiced as a means of elegantize and deslimming for funny plumping. Here are also two small-headed figures of an Giaccometti-like height. The texture is stunningly beautiful, i.e. the fine structure of the surface. But everything fits together in beauty, expression and elegance. That the picture is modern and contemporary needless to say, as well as, that it can be bought online directly from the artist

The Date
The Date No. 167 Size 48 x 109 cm