Tangled Garden

The old garden, deeply tangled. Strangely wild untrodden since many years, although its in the midst of a great and booming town. It is the place of a strange but intensive romance, far and wide the only paradise for birds and for insects and home of a black, unhoused tomcat.

This because its magic power repels brokers and investors. And also in the land register it is written that the garden is belonging only to itself. But I considered to create in the impenetrable bushes, a secret love glade for myself. But then I heard it murmur from a bush: Oh, leave me untouched, I pray!


It is indeed a lucky fairy tale: A tangled garden that, as if by magic, succeeds to ward off brokers and investors. The painting, rather small, is magic art, romantic, expressive and cheerful, but also bears a history with meaning. That it is modern and contemporary needless to say, as well as it's to buy online directly from the artist.

Tangled Garden
Tangled Garden No. 168 Size 37 x 76 cm