In the Garden of her Cradle

The old house is empty now. And after many years she sat in her old garden like reborn into past. There, where her cradle stood, which in the attic she still found.

The blackbird in the tree, no more it is the same that from before she knew. The sound of song, that she forever keeps in mind, is somewhat different now, but also beautiful and even deeper calls some tears.


The sensitive story of the painting tells of the womans's tears in the now empty parental home. They are tears of remembrance of a past time, now finally gone by. Tears that in the picture combine with dark delight, dream-like and bitter-light. Pardon now for that sentence serving to be found: to buy is the art image online in painter's online-gallery in Wiesbaden for contemporary art.

In the Garden of her Cradle
In the Garden of her Cradle No. 3 Size 31 x 81 cm