Godfather, death and plugs

The title, it is loosely based on Dürer's "Knight, Death and Devil", that's just beforehand. But here its only about godfather's widow, afraid of a thin stranger who used to creep around the grave. On the gravestone chiseled emblazoned is a plug. Godfather often sent such as a threat, to close the mouth, keep silent in the court.

But one evening, some came and plugged his nose and mouth, using his own plugs so that he could not breathe. The widow feels, the stranger might be somehow involved. But no one knows him and what he carries in his bag.


The small picture has a real story, funny of and of gloomy kind, but lightened by its comedy. So also is the painting: Gloom under the Calabrian sun, mistrust and secrecy are all-embracing feelings. But the painting seems to take this not too serious. its a beautiful, even cheerful, expressive art.

Godfather, death and plugs
Godfather, death and plugs No. 2 Size 35 x 52 cm