The dance hypnotist

Single dancer Sigismund from the Ballhouse at the Spree, is elegant and beautiful, so much that ladies which he leads to dance, fall into hypnotic sleep and awaken very late. But the health department issued a warrant for arrest, thereby gave to the story unwillingly a famous end.

For the defender's words set to a song, they have become one of the greatest hits: "Is it the fault of Sigismund, that he's so pretty?", which everyone still knows today. And indeed: Shouldn't we be glad that there is something as beautiful as he?


The picture also lives from its original und funny story, You could, if it were yours, tell them guests to cheer them up. But joy would also have the wall, where it fits in harmony. To buy online from the contemporary artist and painter in Wiesbaden.

The dance hypnotist
The dance hypnotist No. 102 Size 35 x 94 cm