Pimple queen

This strange nubby queen loves to be venerated by the nubby prayers who throw themselves madly jubilating on the ground. The robe of the nubbin queen, wrapping her white body, is a nubby plastic foil, which also proved its worth by the painting of her picture. Also you, dear reader could wear it as a cape, festively flying, crackling soft and fluttering in an even tender wind.

Thereby you will arouse amazement and pretty women that are passing, it will blow around their heads and so contacts will arise, that otherwise you would not have. If you buy the picture online, it will come to you wrapped thickly with nubby foil, so that you may use it to tailor it into a windy robe.


This top-painting opens many views, in theme, style and expression: Modern its structure and it's style mysterious and strange in its expression, An eye-catcher of current art, and now even online in a gallery. And yet all somehow fits together.

Pimple queen
Pimple queen No. 80 Size 69 x 95 cm