Opera ball

The tender Martha spoke, for the first time at such a ball: "O thou, regale me and delight my soul With loving words, that is my request." "Well I wish", so said her elder friend, "That thou may'st unafraidly rise for sweetest dance. Thee deeply to rejoice indeed is my eternal aim.

And with extremely tender words, as never one has heard before, I will lead your holy soul fly into mine and cheer inmidst the dancing wind of this high-sounding waltz." This, indeed, was, what she aimed to hear. But one must pity him, as he always has to talk to her this way.


The danger with such poem, is that the reader thinks the painting s like the story, that serves as comic counterpoint. But the picture is first choice, is art, expressive, even representative, texture and color distribution ingenious almost, and to buy online directly from the artist.

Opera ball
Opera ball No. 75 Size 51 x 119 cm