Maria's Tears

The window where Maria stands, it is so steamed up by the vapor of her tears, that I can't recognize her pious face. When I went out, only the remains of steam were hanging in the air. If I were pious, I would think, it must have been Madonna.

But why should she choose such a profane place as my kitchen window. It will be better not to tell anyone about it.


Perhaps it was Madonna in delusion. Or the apparition might belong to the series of celestial suicides, that began with Michael the Archangel (Picture 120) and before the exodus of angels who are not putti. Mary's tears could be a sign. Already in 1691 a seeress said Mary would dissolve in tears. In the hierarchy she is the No. 3. The next one would be ... It is better if I end it here. Anyway, the picture does not reveal its secret, but evokes it expressively. Its structure is simply fabulous. Of course it is contemporary, to buy from the artist in Wiesbaden or here, in the online-gallery.

Maria's Tears
Maria's Tears No. 239 Size 37 x 81 cm