The leader of all hunters is known to everyone, his chambermaid is always with him to the hunt, cleaning constantly from dust the hunting skirt, at least doing this. if more, one does'nt know.

But is it really good, to paint a man like him, with gentle smile, and in a friendly paint ? But for empire's end he as minister had a lot of merits although without intent.


I think everyone has noticed who in the painting, which surely is provoking some, is hiding behind 'Herrmann'. What he started, he was missing. Therein consist the 'merits' for the end of the 'Reich'. It is excellently painted art, the expression exactly as it should. The picture is first choice To buy is the art image online in painter's online-gallery in Wiesbaden for contemporary art.

Herrmann No. 13 Size 124 x 82 cm