Drago the imperious

As if coming from a bad dream with a cutting and shrill looking, harshest words and imperious gestures. The corrosive slag of evil sayings, he gleefully claps around the cheeks of all those many, whom he does not trust.

And these are all, who are not like him. And women who granted him while crying, he punished them with lust in cruel games. When then on a hunt a bullet hit him fatally, they jubilantly let the hunting horn resound, put his carcass on the ground down to the killed sows.


When everything smells mild and sweet, there's lacking sourness as a counterpoint. And if the pictures in a room are all idyllic, swim in beauty and in romance, then such a counterpoint is missing. Drago, model of stern contemporary art, could well close such gap. After all, there is a happy ending, even if not mild and sweet. In the children's room the stern look might help for education and in a courtroom to intimidate defendants. To buy online directly from the artist.

Drago the imperious
Drago the imperious No. 214 Size 40 x 59 cm