Bust of E.

This is the bust of the poet who once gave to the world with love and charity a trailblazing poem: "The cheek popler's stupid curse still lies heavy on the land, that found itself with mewling twitching still undead in the mirror."

That's it, I shout, the final truth, He hit the nail full on his head. Therefore up from today he will be my poetic role model


In some of my stanzas, you can recognize him as my model poet, the cheek popler, as he is called after the poem. But the picture is great art, the text made as a counterpoint. Oh, I forgot seekers words. So I catch up some and connect them cleverly with penetrating self-praise: The picture is modern, very elegant, structure and colors masterly. Offered in the online-gallery.

Bust of E.
Bust of E. No. 206 Size 25 x 52 cm