Archangel Michael in Trondheim

It is the figure of the archangel that bends all realities. And yet is something broken off from the angel's soul and body. What was it that made him, who never yet appeared, lead to the polar place so far and strange?

Now that no one hears him anymore, but considers him as vanishing and as a rest of an old pantheon. Then I hear say that he before dissolving finally he would appear as figure of a thousand clouds.


Painting to archangel,'s end a kind of heavenly suicide, to forestall the final oblivion. Celebrated as a grandiose celestial phenomenon on the polar sky somewhat similar to auroras, which indeed helped him to appear. To be bought is the art picture online from this online-gallery for contemporary art in Wiesbaden directly from the painter.

Archangel Michael in Trondheim
Archangel Michael in Trondheim No. 120 Size 35 x 113 cm