A tribute to Füssli

Füssli's Nightmare, the creature in the night, that's not me. but I'm the being with the bottle, halfway between man and monkey. Climbed into the tower's hall, I squat now on the woman's body, which, as the Nightmare it abused, petrified to marble stone, before then after a short fight in the glow of flames the nightmare I disposed.

But from chambers below the night comes the wailing of obsesseing monkeys, one sees the bowl flames twitch. At the sound of groaning trumpets, one feels dull counterstomping, of the monkey's bodies.


The Nightmare' is Füssli's painting, which brought it to fame. Here is shown continuation of his scene, which ends with the Nachtmahr's dead and petrification of the abused woman. Darkest romance pure, but painted rather bright, powerful in painting and in poem, a highlight, expressive are figures and the structure. the picture is for sale in the online-gallery for contemporary art directly from the artist.

A tribute to Füssli
A tribute to Füssli No. 134 Size 85 x 58 cm